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Spirit Markers

We are the Rational, the sons and daughters of the Information Age. We are the progeny of Descartes and Newton, the sharply analytical myth-less children of knowledge and reason.

That in itself may be the foremost of Myths of the 21st Century. It is impossible to live without faith, and a tremendous amount of it at that. We cannot view everything first hand. We cannot know everything from personal experience. Our news comes filtered through talking heads on TV, and even if they are completely objective (a rather unreasonable thing for us to ask of them) they still cannot transmit every bit of pertinent information to us. There simply is not the time. And so we believe that we know ‘the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ when in reality we have replaced one set of shaman for another. We have set aside one set of faiths for another, based on ourselves.

"Sands of Time"

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